Snejok sweater


Sustainable Attributes: 100% Natural fiber  without dye.

With its simple yet elegant charm,it will be the key element of your wardrobe, perfect for all occasions. It will also wrap you in softness and warmth thanks to the virtues of alpaca fleece. Guaranteeing the respect of your skin but also of the environment with its 100% natural fibres, it will meet your highest expectations. 

Baby alpaca comes from the first shearing of an alpaca aged 1 to 2 years old. It is the finest and most luxurious quality of alpaca, which gives it numerous virtues such as:
- Durability: this fabric will retain its shape, resist pilling, and last over time.
- Unique thermal effect: 7 times warmer than mohair wool.
- It is also 3 times rarer than cashmere.
- Additionally, the fabrics are made with 100% natural fiber without dye, without petrochemical processes, making it an eco-friendly material and production process.

It is a timeless and chic piece. Above all, it is a must-have for the cold seasons.


Color: Vanilla Ice Fabric: 100% Baby alpaca wool.

Care: Dry clean.

Made in Peru.

Stretchy lightweight wool fabric. 


Take your usual size.



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