We exclusively source our materials from European suppliers and opt for natural and eco-friendly fabrics. Some of our fabrics are also certified.

We select high-quality fabrics produced in regions of France or Italy renowned for their craftsmanship.

We promote material reuse by crafting our designs using high-quality recycled fabrics or luxury deadstock, aiming to minimize our ecological footprints much as possible.


For more sustainable wardrobes. To infinity and beyond.


Staying true to her Slavic origins, Elvina has chosen to ethically produce her whole collections inside the family owned factories, 250km away from Moscow, Russia.

A place full of emotional meaning where excellence, hard and meticulous work thrive along exceptional craftsmanship.

In charge of supervising the manufacturing process is Elvina’s mother, now is responsible for Quality Control. As a prominent fashion connoisseur she ensures production standards are met at every stage.

On-site, a team of seamstresses is here to pay extra care to the cut, comfort and trim of each garment, having in mind the intended perfect fit for every woman, no matter what size or shape they are.


Creating with a meaning.



In order to minimize our ecological footprint, our collections are crafted from ethically produced natural and high-end fabrics.

Having a low impact clothing production is our priority.

Amplifying what matters and dismissing what doesn’t, allow us to bring you the best quality at fair value, while we continue to work towards harmony with our planet.


Doings things the right way for the greater cause.