The collection that revisits the iconic business woman wardrobe, through minimalist, elegant and feminine pieces. Statement clothes as a self-affirmation tool. Directly inspired by Elvina’s Franco-Russian identity, this collection brilliantly mixes the style of two women archetypes.

On one hand, the Slavic rural worker with her pragmatic and understated style. And on the other hand, the free-spirited Parisian girl with her iconic silhouette, blending mystery and appeal. Born out of these contrasting inspirations was a poetic and feminine wardrobe. Tailored blazers, uncomplicated shirts but also sensual summer dresses made their way to the collection, delivering an updated version of what femininity looks like.

Each garment has been crafted from high quality sustainable fabrics: GOTS certified organic cotton, deadstock silk from prominent fashion houses and recycled fibers. Ethically produced fashion takes wearing clothes to a new level.